These are the options you may encounter during your stay.

TREE TALK AND WALK – Meet the trees of North Shore Camping Co. Learn their language, and why they do what they do.

LIFE WITH LEDGEROCK – Learn about the formation of our land and gain new appreciation for the ground beneath us.

WHAT THE WILD THINGS ARE – Get with what’s growing (or not), and who lives where at North Shore Camping Co. throughout the seasons.


Enjoy our carefully crafted camp cocktail of the evening and kick back with your fellow glampers and resident naturalist overlooking the lake. We’ll talk about the day, who saw what, and answer any questions that we know the answers to.

NIGHTLY CAMPFIRE CIRKEL – As soon as you get there

If the lure of a group campfire is something you can’t resist – join us and each other every evening for our nightly ring around the flames while the stars emerge overhead, the moon makes itself known, and Lake Superior does it’s thing below.

SUPERIOR STROLLS – Take a trip through time and learn about the history of Cove Point and what it has meant to this region of the North Shore over the years.

OPEN SPACE SCAVENGER HUNTS – Selfguided scavenger hunts crafted to get you and Nature on the same page. Over 100 acres to explore!

SPÅR BINGO – Get on the trail! Complete our Instagram adventure program and get to know our local parks!