Get Here. Get Outside. Play Awhile…but be Safe!
Rules of the Forest at North Shore Camping Co.

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 3:00 PM
Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Reservations may be cancelled 30 days prior to arrival for a full refund.

Reservations may be moved to new dates in the current year up to 30 days prior to arrival without penalty.

Reservations may be moved to the following year with a full transfer of deposit up to 30 days prior to arrival for a$50 fee.

Quiet hours are 10:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m You don’t have to get inside at 10:00 p.m. but we do ask that you turn off any amplified sound, and keep your voices around the campfire to a reasonable level. Some of us have morning coffee to make as adventure beckons each morning.

All of our sites are within 400 feet of our Base Lodge, which houses our modern (we can’t wait for you to see them) restrooms and showers.

No guest vehicles, including ATV’s or snowmobiles, are allowed outside the designated parking areas. We’ll get you and your belongings to and from your site at check in and check out. The rest is up to you.

all visitors must register at the Base Lodge. Four visitors maximum per site. All visitors must be accompanied by an NSCC guest, and must get themselves to our gates by 8:00 p.m.

Dogs are allowed, 2 dogs per site. But we really do like dogs, and we hate the thought of anyone staying at home – so please do contact with special requests.

Humans must do all the basic dog things – leashed if not in your campsite, and always leashed if your four legged friend has an inclination to roam. Pick up after your dog, take care of your dog, limit the barking of your dog… and basically be a good dog human. When you get here, there will be something you’ll sign that means that you agree to take good care of your dog. We know that your dog will take good care of you – they don’t have to sign anything.

We’ve taken our cats camping. While we do love cats, and would be game for giving yours a chase around the woods when he or she decides to go feral because sometimes it’s fun for us, and we need the exercise, and sometimes it’s great entertainment for others… but we’re going to respectfully ask that you leave your feline friends at home. Contact us about other pet needs or requests.

All garbage should be taken out of your site at night, or when you will be gone for an extended period, and put in the garbage cans along the main trail.

Do not dump food waste, dishwater, or other items that may attract animals at campsites. We provide trash bags.

Get Bear and Critter Safe: Each site has a Bear Locker, and any food or beverages being kept onsite overnight must be fully inside this locker. Our lockers have room for your cooler, your friend’s cooler, and your other friend’s cooler too.

Please don’t feed any of our critters. They’ve been getting along for many years without us, and we’d like them to continue on in the same manner after we’re all long gone.
Don’t ride any moose, don’t chase a bear, and please don’t lasso the deer. We mean it. We know it’s tempting, but please. Leave our creatures be.

Campfires need to be under your control and attended at all times.
To protect our forest, firewood cannot be carried in from off-site. Please don’t bring us harmful insects and decimate our ecosystem. It’s just rude, right? We promise not to bring any bugs to your house.

We do provide one bundle of wood, and additional bundles may be purchased at our Base Lodge.
Do not burn trash or plastic. If you do, we’ll ask you to get right on out.

Cutting of trees and brush is prohibited, and our downed trees are part of our vibe. Let them do their thing and grow fungi. Don’t be a a downer – please don’t burn wood from our forest floor.

No hunting or trapping is allowed on NSCCo property – that’s not anything we want to explain to anybody’s kids.

Fireworks are not allowed. Never, ever, never. Not allowed, ever.

All joking aside…we can’t wait for you to get here. We’ve been working, and working, and we’re so happy to finally be sharing our dream with you!