Get ready to get outside this fall! The leaves are changing, but our mission has not. We’re here to get you connected with the great outdoors. More trees, more leaves, more trails, more nature! Get yourself to the North Shore this fall. Your glamping site awaits!

Person in beanie admiring autumn forest landscape

Day tripper? When should you make tracks for the North Shore? Keep an eye on the official Minnesota Fall Color Finder for the latest information.

If you’re planning in advance…they are coming very soon! Grab your midweek site now (weekends are full) and get up close and personal with the forest as it reflects on the past year and readies itself for a long winter sleep.

Two people hiking in autumn forest scenery.
Couple walking through autumn forest with yellow leaves.

Where to go, what do to when you’re here? We’ve got all the places you need to go! Check out our fall guide and get yourself to our forest this fall.

The leaves are calling...ready to go?